Meter Replacement Program

Touch Read Meters
We are currently in the process of replacing old out dated meters and installing touch read meters. This allows for the meter reader to move through the reading cycle quicker.

Water Meter Description
These water meters have a round pad on the meter box lid and the meter reader doesn’t need to open the meter box to read the meter. This is not the most advanced technology but it is an improvement over what the water district has done since its inception.

Tracking Unaccounted for Water
In addition the water district must track it’s unaccounted for water. This is water which travels through the production meters at the wells but does not get through to the customers, therefore the district can’t bill or receive money for this water. All water that is drawn from the wells cost money to pump and we must track and record the un-billed water. The unaccounted for water must be under 10 percent of the water that is pumped per the Department of Health.