Water Districts are called “special purpose” Districts and are creatures of a State statue. The purpose of a Water District is to provide a means for property owners to obtain water service. The powers of a Water District to accomplish such purposes are prescribed by State statute, specifically Titles 56 and 57 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).

In carrying out such powers, the initial basic duty of the Commissioners is to adopt a Comprehensive Plan for water supply system. The powers of the District are exercised by the Board of Commissioners. Commissioners are elected for different terms, but have no independent authority or power, and must act as a Board of Commissioners at a regular or special meeting at which a quorum or majority of two of the three Commissioner must be present.

Commissioners must act by resolution. It is important that the Commissioners keep records of its proceedings in the form of minutes and a record of its actions in the form of resolutions, which must be open to the public.

King County Water District No. 54 is a small District located in the City of Des Moines and a small portion of Normandy Park, Washington. The service area covers approximately 0.7 square miles. The services area extends from South 212th Street on the North to Kent Des Moines Road on the South, and from Puget Sound on the West to 14th Avenue South on the East. Approximately 90% is inside of the City of Des Moines.