The Current Water District Office
King County Water District No. 54 is a small District located in the City of Des Moines and a small portion of Normandy Park, Washington. The service area covers approximately 0.7 square miles. The services area extends from South 212th Street on the North to Kent Des Moines Road on the South, and from Puget Sound on the West to 14th Avenue South on the East. Approximately 90% is inside of the City of Des Moines.

History of Our Water District
King County Water District No. 54 was created in 1935 by a vote of approximately 300 people residing within the service area. It has grown to the current population of over 5,000 people.

The District has maintained its independence from the region’s larger purveyors, with Highline Water District occupying three sides and Puget Sound occupying the west side, The District enjoys the water quality provided by its own well sources, all of which are located on the site of the District’s maintenance and reservoir facilities. Several wells have been drilled, of which only wells 4, (born; 1968) 5, (1983) 6, (1991) and 7 (2000) remain in use.

When the District was formed, its service area was largely residential customers with mostly smaller sized water mains. Recently the District has been increasing the pipe sizes to encourage the Downtown Des Moines area to grow to multifamily and encourage commercial development.

Originally the District had one wood stave water tank across the street from the existing office at 922 South 219th Street; in 1969 the 250,000 gallon blue steel reservoir was constructed at its current location at 21810 South 11th Avenue South. In 2004 the District completed the 660,000 gallon concrete reservoir at the same site to accommodate future growth and provide increased fire flow.